Is Noblesville, IN really the best place to live?

I love Noblesville, Indiana! No, I wasn’t born here. I’ve just had the privilege of living here with my family. I can’t think of a better place in America to raise kids and enjoy all life has to offer. There are hundreds of wonderful homes for sale in Noblesville IN right now so you can potentially join me in the ranks as one of the lucky ones who gets to call this town home, too!

I initially came to Noblesville in 2010 because of my job. My family instantly fell in love. We’ve lived all over the United States but nothing compares to the charm, convenience, and community Noblesville offers.

When work took us away from Noblesville in 2013, we were saddened. Although our new home was in a nice community, a well-developed suburb of a major city, it just didn’t compare to Noblesville. We missed the relative peacefulness, the outstanding schools, the infrastructure that made so many great places accessible, the affordability. But most of all, we missed the sense of community, of belongingness that Noblesville offered.

So, when I had the chance to bring my family back to Noblesville in 2015, I jumped at the chance! My kids were elated they were going to be “Millers” again, and my wife and I knew they were going to continue growing up in a safe, nurturing community that would allow them to pursue all of their dreams.

So what’s so great about Noblesville? Let’s start with a couple of facts:

  1. Noblesville’s 3.5% unemployment rate is well below the national average (5.2%). People work in Noblesville. That has a positive ripple effect across the community: less crime, higher property values, less tax burden…I could go on. Not only are people working in Noblesville now, but trends predict positive future job growth above the national average. The median household income of $67,939 (compared to $53,483 nationally) means those jobs aren’t just flipping burgers either. You can be successful in Noblesville.
  2. Noblesville’s population has grown to 59,093. That’s not a crowded metropolis, but it’s a 234% increase since 2000. People like me and my family have recognized that Noblesville is a great place to live. That population growth has meant improved infrastructure, more amenities, and an influx of tax dollars for school and civic improvements.

In addition to those census numbers, here’s what my family and I enjoy most about living in Noblesville:

Central Location

Noblesville is in a perfect spot, right between the equally prosperous and growing communities of Carmel and Fishers and directly north of one of America’s fastest growing cities, Indianapolis. The city leaders in each of these communities have done a tremendous job ensuring infrastructure has kept up with population growth. Unlike a lot of “exploding” cities across America, you’ll be pleasantly pleased at the relative lack of traffic, school overcrowding and available housing. This means you can get quality housing in good school systems and travel well-constructed roads to be just about anywhere you want in the greater Indianapolis area in 45 minutes or less. Try that in Chicago, Nashville or St. Louis.

Within that distance of those cities mentioned you have award-winning schools, colleges and universities, state-of-the-art hospitals and medical care, Fortune 500 businesses, and much, much more.

Revitalized Downtown

I mentioned the influx of tax dollars and how that money was spent. One of the major appeals of Noblesville is its quaint downtown area. You can enjoy wonderful restaurants and shops under the shadow of the bell tower of the Hamilton County courthouse. Or you can take a leisurely stroll along the newly built Riverwalk running along the White River. Just across Indiana 19 is a new centerpiece of Noblesville civic life, Federal Hill Commons. You can shop one of the area’s largest farmers’ markets there each Saturday from Spring through Fall. All year long the amphitheater hosts all sorts of family-friendly entertainment. Or simply stroll along the grounds on one of Noblesville’s many beautiful days, letting the kids play on the playground.

Cost of Living

On average, the cost of living in Noblesville is 3.87% lower than the national average. It’s even lower than the neighboring communities that I mentioned earlier. That means that you’ll get far more “bang for the buck” in Noblesville. That includes housing, gas, groceries, taxes…you get to enjoy all the premiums of living in Central Indiana at a tremendous savings.


This is one of the key “selling points” of living in Noblesville. I mentioned the Riverwalk, but the White River is also host to canoeing and kayaking expeditions and bike/walking trails all along its banks as it meanders through Noblesville. If cycling is your thing, you can’t find a better place to live than Noblesville. Many of the neighborhoods are connected by bike trails and construction is almost complete on the Midland Trace Trail that will connect Downtown Noblesville with the city of Westfield and the Monon Trail that travels to downtown Indianapolis.

If you’re considering relocating to Central Indiana, I encourage you to investigate Noblesville. I think you’ll find it as charming and attractive as we do. We’d love to have you as a new neighbor!

And if you’re looking for a great real estate agent, I can’t recommend better than Joy Alcock. Joy helped our family move from Noblesville and then helped us get back again. As both a seller’s and buyer’s agent, Joy combined consummate professionalism with a genuine care and interest in our family. She’s since become a treasured friend as well and someone with whom I’m proud to partner with in my business.

Come to Noblesville, and call Joy to set up a time to talk. You won’t regret either.


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