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Who are Difference Makers?

The Indianapolis Home Team introduces a new program to honor those who serve. The Difference Makers Program offers $1500 in closing cost assistance to individuals who are serving their communities as Firefighters, EMS, Law Enforcement, Military, Health Workers, Teachers, Social Workers, and Pastors. We do this because we are grateful and because we know that we wouldn’t be who we are today if not for caring individuals who have influenced our own lives. In the spirit of community and generosity we give back and hope to provide some encouragement to those who give their lives in service to others.
  • Law Enforcement

  • Firefighters

  • Teachers

  • Healthcare

  • EMS

  • Social Service

  • Veterans

  • Active Military

  • Military Reserve

  • Clergy

Benefits of the Difference Makers Program:

  • Real estate agent credits $1000 toward closing costs.

  • Lender credits $500 toward closing costs.

  • Affiliate inspector credits $75 toward home inspection.

  • Other affiliate benefits may apply.

Difference Makers Program

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